A woman dips her whole body into a cryotherapy chamber.

Cryotherapy Is a Scorching Hot Entrepreneurial Opportunity

The Many Benefits of Cryotherapy as A Business Investment

Cryotherapy is a fantastic business opportunity with ever-increasing popularity and demand. Each year, more people adopt cryotherapy to boost recovery, decrease inflammation, release endorphins, and improve their overall health. The physiological, hormonal, and cosmetic benefits make this treatment popular among arthritic patients, professional athletes, physical therapists, and wellness advocates. Today, we’re discussing everything there is to know about this new form of therapy – including its function, history, and benefits.

How Cryotherapy Works

Cryotherapy is a treatment where the body is safely exposed to subzero temperatures. Most cryotherapy sessions last no more than a couple of minutes and involve the release of nitrogen gas in a cryosauna or cryochamber. Some treatments focus on isolated segments of the body, and others target the whole body. The extreme cold triggers the body’s autonomic system into survival mode, causing oxygen and nutrients to flow to vital organs. This process flushes away toxins and mitigates inflammation because fresh blood refills the body when the body rewarms.

Cryotherapy is very cold. At The Covery Wellness Spa, we keep our cryochambers between -110 and -200 degrees Fahrenheit. The objective is to drop your skin temperature by about 40 degrees for amazing health benefits! To ensure safety, we always have a professional maintaining supervision. We also screen patients for health risks and potential complications, such as the potential for cardiac arrest. We also have every patient sign a liability waiver accepting low-percentage health risks.

A Quick Overview of Cryotherapy’s History

The use of extreme cold for therapeutic benefits dates to the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, who often championed the health benefits of ice plunges. Modern cryotherapy, in its current form, was developed in 1978 when Dr. Yamaguchi began administering freezing exposure treatments to patients. Over time, studies, practitioners, and scientists found these short-duration exposures to extreme temperatures to assuage symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Further research and refinement of the process led to the creation of cryogenic chambers for physical therapy. Cryotherapy was further popularized as a form of physical therapy 22 years later (in 2000) when a group of scientists at an Olympic rehabilitation center in Poland began to administer the treatment for athletic recovery, training, and injury prevention.

The Endless Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy primarily functions as a supplementary treatment for athletes, arthritis patients, and health enthusiasts. It can significantly expedite and accelerate weight loss, immune system health, anti-aging benefits, improved moods, and much more. That’s why we promote it as the perfect addition to gym routines, dieting regimens, and other medical treatments.

Cryotherapy is also steadily increasing in popularity due to the rise of affordable, cutting-edge equipment. Advancements in technology have made treatments ever more affordable and effective. The treatment is also highly accessible. You don’t need to be fast, agile, flexible, or athletic to receive its many benefits. The primary requirement is one’s ability to endure a short duration of extreme cold. Therefore, numerous individuals of all ages, physiques, and athletic capacities can enjoy its many benefits.

Ready to learn what cryotherapy can do for you? Here’s a quick overview of its most notable upsides!

Cryotherapy Promotes Weight Loss

In recent years, cryotherapy has become increasingly sought as a weight loss solution. Combining cryotherapy with nutrition and exercise is a highly efficient trifecta. Cold treatments can accelerate the body’s metabolic rate, thereby burning calories at a faster speed. When exposed to a cryogenic chamber, the brain increases the body’s blood flow to core organs to increase heat. After returning to normal temperatures, the enriched blood spreads throughout the body to warm itself back up. This burst of movement and thermal energy can lead to weight loss.

Cryotherapy Boosts Beauty & Anti-Aging

The health/beauty industry is constantly searching for novel, innovative, and all-natural treatments. Cryotherapy fits this niche market to a tee. It is:

  • Safe (when applied to healthy individuals)
  • Non-toxic
  • Natural/organic

It is also scientifically proven to be an anti-aging treatment with beautifying results. Exposure to extreme cold causes blood vessels in the skin’s dermal layer to contract before dilating again when the treatment finishes. This contraction/dilation oxygenates the blood and distributes healing enzymes/nutrients throughout the body.

As a non-invasive, non-chemical anti-aging technique, cryotherapy is known to:

  • Reduce/remove cellulite by triggering the lymphatic system
  • Help boost a youthful appearance
  • Safely rejuvenate skin
  • Increase collagen production (improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin)

Cryotherapy Speeds Up the Recovery Process & Mitigates Pain

Cryotherapy can help the body recover from an injury, rehabilitate after surgery, mitigate back pain, overcome jetlag, relieve tendinitis, manage fibromyalgia, and heal muscle tears.

The immediate and long-term pain relief gained from cryotherapy treatments is due to:

  • Slower nerve transmissions to the brain
  • An uptick in norepinephrine production
  • Reduced inflammation

Each session can trigger positive autonomic, lymphatic, and immune responses. These responses will collaboratively lessen the intensity and frequency of chronic pain and accelerate muscle repair – putting the body on the fast track back to peak performance.

Treatments are also known to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Alleviate acute pain
  • And much more!

Cryotherapy Reduces Stress

The cold shock experienced during cryotherapy is known to release endorphins and serotonin – improving mood and cognitive wellness. These holistic, therapeutic effects positively impact the central nervous system, relieving stress and tension. Cryotherapy studies have also reported the alleviation of depression and insomnia.

Join Our State-of-the-Art Wellness Movement Today!

Cryotherapy is much more than a trend. It is a scientifically-backed treatment that offers tangible benefits – mentally, physically, and emotionally. Consumers are rapidly catching onto its numerous benefits as a treatment option that promotes maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving overall wellbeing.

At The Covery Wellness Spa, we offer safe and effective cryotherapy sessions customized to each client. Our model is designed to ensure individuals experience this exciting treatment comfortably.

We offer various tiers of intensity, including:

  • Beginner (approximately -140°F with minimal winds)
  • Intermediate (approximately -150°F with moderate winds)
  • Cryo Pro (approximately -166°F with high winds)
  • Cryo Extreme (approximately -175°F+ with extreme winds)

We are always ready to stop any treatment at a moment’s notice. Luckily, such interruptions are highly uncommon. On the contrary, our customers love cryotherapy and loyally return – excited to reap its many benefits.

As a franchisee, you’ll witness the positive effects of cryotherapy firsthand. It is a cutting-edge health and beauty service driving customer recruitment and retention! For more information about this cutting-edge treatment, call (866) 992-9958 today!



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