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About The Covery Wellness Spa Franchise

Helping People Recover from the Sport of Living

The Covery Wellness Spa is a destination for immersive wellness. Our mission is to keep our members and communities healthy and productive through a variety of services for the mind and body. More than ever, immunity and mental health are the key factors for a healthy lifestyle. At The Covery, we help clients understand and formulate a plan to best boost their feelings of well-being and overall health. We believe that business and everyday life is a sport and treating yourself to recovery is essential; because a healthy and rested mind and body will not only keep them in the game, but it will also keep them in the lead!

We believe that when people feel better, look better, and perform better, they are better equipped to treat others with dignity and respect. In a world in need of kindness, our purpose is help people be the best version of themselves. A healthy body and mind, along with an optimized sense of well-being, make for unstoppable and infectious results. We understand that you cannot perform if you are not at your best both mentally and physically. We also understand how the mental mindset affects the physical output, and vice versa. We are also passionate about business, and to excel at business ownership, you must be properly rested. By joining the Covery team, and utilizing all of the services, you will feel like a teenager again – and buying a business should be euphoric.

We offer immediate gratification, both in business ownership and in our treatments.

  • Mission: To support and restore well-being through innovative treatments that help people look, feel, and perform better.

  • Vision: To become a household name in the wellness industry by changing the way people think about wellness and recovery for the body and mind.

How It All Began

The idea of The Covery started in early 2021. As we looked at the fitness industry and the continual growing trends of the HIIT, yoga, and Pilates programs, we understood that recovering from all of these workouts was just as important as the actual workout itself. We saw a lot of people jumping into different forms of fitness, and while we encouraged the movement, we also saw an opportunity to show people how to slow down in order to speed up progress. We wanted them to slow down to allow their bodies to catch up and keep up.

This concept quickly leaped from those who work out to everyone, as when the coronavirus pandemic hit, it showed the true stresses that are in everyone's daily lives. We view everyday life as a sport, including owning and operating a business. To perform at anything, you have to be both mentally and physically rested. With this consideration, we wanted to expand what "recovery and wellness" could be.

Enter the importance of Self Care, and how The Covery could be a game changer for quality of life and quality in life. Stress is a common thread for every individual, and for many, their stress increased dramatically during the Covid pandemic. Stress can manifest itself mentally or physically - or both. The reality is, it affects everyone a little differently, but one stress tends to lead to another. It was during this time that we made the pivot from a recovery based concept to an overall health and wellness concept. The Covery would focus on aesthetics, overall wellness, and restorative therapies. We realized that it is difficult for an individual to take care of others when they aren’t taking care of themselves. If you look better, you tend to feel better; if you move better, you tend to have more energy; and if you have a clear and focused mind, you can optimize performance at any level.

Our Franchise Opportunity

The Covery offers franchisees the opportunity to build a highly profitable business in the high-demand wellness and self-care landscape. Our wellness franchise is a highly scalable opportunity offering a variety of options for franchisees to build their territories. The Covery is unique to the franchise world, as it accommodates several levels of investments as well as the ability to grow within the footprint as services are added to increase ROI and profit.

The Covery has taken the Med Spa concept to a new level and created an entirely new space that merges aesthetics, athletic recovery, and wellness through a unique selection and combination of available services. We don't stop there. This is where The Covery takes it to the next level by assisting with longevity, cellular health and bio-optimization. Our wellness franchise is captivating the market and pushing the boundaries of preventative health care and overall wellness. Our spaces are rejuvenating, using a perfect mix of finishes, lighting, and overall “feel” to create a unique atmosphere that allows the client to unplug and recharge.

A Bright Future

Aesthetics, wellness, and recovery all merge with The Covery, because self-care is essential. Over the last few years, with all that is going on in the world, we now know that all care begins with self-care; if you don't take care of yourself, it will be very difficult to take care of those around you.

If looking better makes you perform better, then let’s go! Some need to unplug in order to recharge. This is exactly what we do at The Covery: we take tired and stressed people and turn them into distant memories. The idea of The Covery is simple: it's instant gratification with compounding and permanent positive impacts for everyone's needs. A little self-care can change your whole perspective, and with a new perspective, you can begin to change your entire world!

The Covery Wellness Spa

The Covery improves lives physically and mentally. Join our movement and bring our services into your community!


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  • $300,000 liquid capital required for investment

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