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Answers About Our Wellness Franchise

If you’re considering purchasing a wellness franchise, you most likely have a lot of questions. At The Covery Wellness Spa, we want to be as transparent as possible about our franchise opportunity. Having fully informed owners is the best way to ensure a successful partnership. We’ve compiled below a list of some of the most common questions prospective owners have, along with our answers. Browse through them to learn a bit more about our wellness franchise, and if you still have lingering concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Q:What is The Covery? And who is the demographic for your services?

    A:The Covery Wellness Spa is a destination for immersive wellness. We strive to keep our families and communities healthy through a variety of services for the mind and body. Our goal is to offer a variety of alternative wellness therapies all in one setting with a high level of customer care. Immunity and prevention are key factors in our daily wellness. At The Covery, we help people understand the plan to best boost their feeling of well-being and overall health. We believe that everyday life is a sport, and health and wellness are what keep us in the game! Because of the onslaught of stress in our daily lives, everyone needs to take a moment of self-care. We believe that by practicing self-care, and by optimizing personal health and wellness, people can improve their lives and the lives of those around them. At The Covery, we help our clients “unplug” and recharge. We start by exploring their specific needs for pain relief, energy, stress reduction, and recovery, and then along the journey, we help to define what their wellness journey will look like for a longer, healthier life. We also understand that aesthetics can be a trigger point for self-care as well, so we offer many options to improve both their body and mind at The Covery.

  • Q:How is The Covery different than a Med Spa?

    A:The Covery focuses on combining specific treatments to treat the body from within. But we don’t stop there. We also focus on decreasing overall stress. From BrainTap Technologies to ZeroBody dry float, our medical team has the solutions to help clients perform at their peak level. The Covery offers a wide range of natural, non-surgical services that assist with athletic recovery, day-to-day wellness, overall immune health, and natural solutions for conditions such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, mental health disorders, and more. Our PEMF treatments and use of the BIOCHARGER help facilitate wellness at a cellular level. We’re medically supervised, professionally operated, and personally committed to our clients’ entire well-being, not just their comfort. We specialize in IV hydration therapy, as well as NAD+ therapy, helping balance the body and mind for optimal performance.

  • Q:Where can I build a Covery location?

    A:We offer franchise opportunities across the country. Please review our Available Territories page or reach out to our wellness growth experts to find out more.

  • Q:How much does it cost to get started?

    A:The start-up investment for The Covery ranges from $281K to $678K+. Startup costs depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your facility, construction costs, selection of equipment, and services. Our entry-level model offers an IV and limited service options, allowing our franchisees to select their comfort level on investing, adding more therapies into the spas as revenue increases. Our larger models offer more equipment, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, Hydrafacial, Salt Infused Saunas, PEMF, Red Light, CRYOSKIN, and more, as well as overall larger spas. The typical individual will invest $175K - $275K, which includes their franchise fee, and they can then finance the rest through the SBA or additional finance lenders in our preferred network.

  • Q:Does The Covery offer massage therapy?

    A:No, we currently do not. We do allow our franchisees to add additional services, but request we have final approval before any additional therapies are added. The Covery offers many “touchless” services, meaning that we aim to keep the staffing to a minimum overall by not depending on a specialist to offer various therapies. If a franchisee wants to offer massage therapy, we are open to a discussion based on location and overall market need.

  • Q:What does the franchise fee cover?

    A:The franchise fee is the fee for joining out franchise community and includes securing the available territory of your choice for your development and the franchisor's support to get your spa up and running, including, but not limited to: Site selection process and LOI process, construction and buildout finishes guides and materials, equipment selection and floor plan design, marketing support for the grand opening and after opening, presale support, access to our medical team for questions, The Covery University and a series of onsite trainings for the nurses and team, operations support and training, and inventory ordering and management.

  • Q:How much more is The Covery to start than a typical IV franchise?

    A:The Covery begins with an IV+ limited services option. The cost to open this type of model is similar to other IV-only offerings on the market. The difference with The Covery IV model is that we offer additional therapies to be added when the franchise owner has reached certain revenue goals, allowing our franchisees to expand in their original space. We accomplish this through a specific set of build-out instructions and selection of equipment to open the spa with, allowing for expansion when the time is right for the franchise owners.

  • Q:How do the startup costs at The Covery compare to a cryotherapy-only franchise?

    A:The idea behind The Covery begins with the understanding that many people that use Cryotherapy or get IVs are the ones that are most open to other therapies. While a Cryotherapy-only franchise can cost $175-$300K+, The Covery offers a unique ability to go beyond a one-service-only franchise, understanding that a “hybrid” model, where we can combine numerous therapies, will keep our members coming back several times a week. Our ability to allow our franchisees to select the services that THEY want to sell allows for us to compete with any IV-only or Cryotherapy-only offering. We built The Covery to evolve, from both a business and therapy standpoint.

  • Q:Do you offer special discounts for Veterans?

    A:Yes! We offer a 25% discount off our initial franchise fee for Veterans of the U.S. armed services branches and those who qualify under the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program. Additionally, we also offer a discount on the initial franchise fee to First Responders, Firefighters, Paramedics, and Law Enforcement Officers.

  • Q:What experience do I need?

    A:No previous business or medical experience is necessary to become a Covery franchise owner. However, great customer service skills, outside-the-box thinking, the ability to follow processes and procedures, and a passion for health and wellness are all great assets that will help to fuel your success in this business. We want curious people who give input and make suggestions. It takes a team to be successful and we want our franchisees to be teammates.

  • Q:How much money can I make?

    A:Please review the information found on the opportunity page for additional insight on financial performance from Item 19 of our most current FDD, or talk with a member from our team for an estimate. 

  • Q:Can I own more than one unit?

    A:Yes! We highly encourage developing multi-unit stores in your selected markets.

  • Q:What services are offered by The Covery?

    A:Our core services start with IV infusion. From there, we then add on additional options such as: Salt-infused Saunas, Cold therapy through Cryotherapy, Compression therapy,  PEMF therapy, Dry Float, Hyperbaric oxygen treatments,  Red Light therapy, Frequency and vibration therapy, NAD treatments, Ballancer®Pro Lymphatic Drainage,  CRYOSKIN, Body contouring, Cellulite reduction treatments, ZO Skincare, and CBD enhancements. The Covery also offers a full selection of Normatec and Hyperice products.

  • Q:What size is the average Covery?

    A:Our unique footprints range from 700 – 2400 square feet. Many franchisees will open a “hub and spoke” model, meaning they will open 1 – 2 larger Covery locations with all services, and then open several smaller IV only and limited services locations around town, allowing members to access both centers based on their service needs.

  • Q:What if I already own a Cryotherapy or IV business? Can I convert to The Covery?

    A:Yes! We work with several owners who are in the process of converting their stores to Covery locations. We work with you to build on the business you have established, expanding your services to attract a larger market demographic and find a higher ROI on services.

  • Q:How do I get started?

    A:Please complete the form below and a team member from Franchise Development will reach out to provide more information about becoming a Covery franchise owner and answer all your questions.

  • Q:Are the services safe?

    A:Yes, all of the services offered at The Covery are 100% safe. Our services are natural and non-surgical and are administered by trained nurses and personnel. All therapies are used to help clients renew, rehydrate, and recover from the physical or mental stress of everyday life. To ensure safety and quality care, our intake process documents their current health situation with a nurse so that we can provide the most targeted and safest experience possible.

  • Q:Is there a doctor overseeing the staff?

    A:The Covery is supervised by an offsite MD and has certified Registered Nurses onsite to administer all the services offered. Our Registered Nurses go through extensive training to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each therapy or service we offer.

  • Q:How much do the services cost?

    A:The Covery offers a level of service and affordability to fit any lifestyle. Our services range from $49 to $3,500+ with options for packages that include multiple services over a pre-determined time. Bi-monthly fee memberships offer added value and savings.

  • Q:How often do members visit for treatments?

    A:It depends on the membership option they chose. Some services, such as full-body cryotherapy, are safe to use up to twice a day, while other services, such as CRYOSKIN, should not be used more than once a week. There are some therapies that work best as a regimen and we will suggest several repeated treatments within a period of time. In our university training, we cover all of these options.


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