Why Us

Why a Covery Wellness Spa Franchise?

We are Evolving the Franchise Experience

The Covery Wellness Spa is a brand in constant evolution that is always one step ahead of our competitors. There are quite a few choices for consumers when it comes to health and wellness services, but we put a unique spin on self-care. Many brands focus on helping their clients recover from stress, anxiety, and other curveballs life throws their way. But The Covery approaches self-care differently by helping our clients avoid the need for recovery in the first place.

We believe that self-care services shouldn’t be reserved only for when someone is feeling run down or in pain. We offer services that can help prevent those feelings and experiences altogether. We’ve carved out a comfortable spot in the market and are poised for exponential growth – and we need driven entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping others to help us expand into communities throughout the United States.

Our Competitive Advantages

One of the primary reasons why franchisees choose us over other IV therapy and cryotherapy franchises is our scalability. Because of the flexibility in our footprint, area development opportunities are extremely attractive. We are the only brand offering IV-only (and foundational therapies) as well as the full-scale spa.

Here are a few additional ways in which we set ourselves apart:

Our Robust Medical Team

Our franchise locations are staffed and managed by RNs and offer an unrivaled level of care and experience.

Our Understanding of the Consumer Experience

We have spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into the overall design of our spas. This includes everything from lighting to sound to décor to ensure the most relaxed and healthy environment.

Our Training & Support

We will educate you and your team for you to open and operate your Covery spa. We provide initial and ongoing training and support for all our franchise branches.

Additional key competitive advantages:

  • While the traditional MedSpa model is “on trend”, most concepts deliver lower profit margins due to high treatment cost and labor cost. The majority of services at The Covery require little to no additional labor cost to perform and are “touchless” services.

  • Along with IV infusions, NAD+ is quickly increasing in popularity which contributes to the rise of IV therapy (and NAD+) as our most popular service in some locations. IV therapy-only franchises, though thriving now, may begin to fade in popularity in the future. By offering IV infusions as well as NAD+, along with a wide variety of other services, The Covery is well prepared for this industry shift.

  • The Covery offers a diverse menu of offerings available under one roof at a competitive price, which keeps customers coming back by negating the need for spa hopping. This leads to recurring revenue.

  • The Covery has a monthly membership option, as well as a member and non-member “drop-in” price. Our monthly members pay a recurring fee, and those same members add to the bottom line by “upgrading” to additional services while coming into The Covery for their monthly membership

  • Our Live, Glow, and Perform programs. The purpose of these three programs is to offer a roadmap to those who are not certain which services will suit them best. By placing the proper services in each category, it makes it easier to walk potential members down the membership path as well as create an educational source for them to understand the benefits of each unique service and program. We also provide services that assist with current buzz words, "longevity", "cellular health", and "bio-optimization".

We Offer More

The Covery is proud to be unlike other wellness franchises. Differentiating ourselves in a crowded market is critical to the long-term success of our company. Our leadership team is composed of franchise industry professionals who have a wide variety of experiences, and together they have helped develop a truly unique concept that is enticing to entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity that will allow them to embrace financial freedom and do something they love.

Are You Our Ideal Candidate?

The Covery helps people think differently about themselves by providing them with the self-care and wellness services they never realized they needed. Our wellness franchise is unique and our services yield measurable and definitive results. If you believe you would be a great fit, we’d love to start a conversation about your future.

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  • $300,000 liquid capital required for investment

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