A female patient receives a HydraFacial treatment at a wellness center.

The Growing Popularity of HydraFacial Treatments

HydraFacials Are Quickly Becoming an Essential Part of Skincare Routines

The beauty treatment industry is constantly innovating and evolving. Its continual forward momentum should be of no surprise. Who doesn’t want the benefits of soft, blemish-free, and vibrant skin? Countless individuals will pay good money to combat wrinkles and the downsides of aging. They spend a small fortune on facial creams, serums, or essences in pursuit of flawless skin. The desire to enjoy eternal youth may not be realistic, but with new technologies, such as HydraFacial, preserving the glow of one’s skin for longer becomes much more manageable.

Today, we’re going to discuss this new and successful skincare technology. HydraFacial treatments are an excellent solution for customers seeking to supplement their nightly skincare routine, monthly chemical peels, and seasonal facials. Affordable, fast, and effective, HydraFacials are becoming increasingly popular among services in the beauty treatment industry. In fact, HydraFacial treatments are performed four times every single minute across 80 countries worldwide.

The Entrepreneurial Benefits of Offering HydraFacial Treatments

The hype surrounding HydraFacial treatments also recently led to notable ripples throughout social media as influencers began posting Instagram stories and videos of this state-of-the-art treatment online. At The Covery Wellness Spa, we’ve proudly incorporated HydraFacial treatments into our menu of high-end beauty treatments. It is part of our holistic Glow services, which focus on improving appearance through aesthetic therapies.

Our Glow services also include:

  • EmShape
  • Infrared Salt Sauna
  • Cryoskin
  • Premium cosmetic treatments

As one of our primary offerings, it’s important to know the ins and outs of this modern upgrade on the classic facial. That’s why we’re here to outline everything you need to know about HyrdoFacial treatments today!

How a HydraFacial Treatment Works

Hydrafacials are performed with a handheld suction device, which resembles a rolling cart with hoses and a wand with detachable heads. This device applies a vortex swirling action to remove dead, worn-out skin cells and hydrate pores.

The HydraFacial treatment can help correct, remove, and improve:

  • Congested, oily pores
  • Blackheads & impurities
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Fine wrinkles, facial lines
  • Dry, dead skin

The net effect of a HydraFacial treatment is to deliver an immediate and lasting glow. A modern twist on the traditional facial, it is sometimes referred to as “hydradermabrasion.” This technical name details its combination of microdermabrasion-style exfoliation and hydrating serums.

HydraFacials are patented, non-invasive, and proven skincare treatments consisting of four basic steps: exfoliation, extraction, cleansing, and hydration. We’ve refined the process to get our clients in and out with rejuvenated facial skin in a half-hour. Each step of a HydraFacial treatment is designed to deliver even and consistent results.

Step 1: Exfoliation

The first step involves cleaning and removing dead skin cells through exfoliation. Our qualified aestheticians move the HydraFacial wand gently and calmly along each section of facial skin to remove dirt and sebum. The vacuum-like tip of the wand removes dead skin cells while dispensing a revitalizing serum.

Step 2: Acids/Chemical Peel

During the second step, our expert beauticians switch the head of HydraFacial wand to apply a chemical peel. This glycolic or salicylic solution is delicate, non-toxic, high-strength, and does not cause redness or irritation. The chemical peel works fast – decongesting pores, brightening skin, and loosening dirty residue buried deep inside blackheads.

Step 3: Extraction

The third step of HydraFacial entails a water-suction treatment (a vortex-extraction nozzle on the patented wand). This process is effective yet painless – extracting whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin cells, oils, and other debris trapped in pores.

Step 4: Hydrating Serum Infusion

The last step involves the application of a nourishing, soothing serum. This hydrating serum drenches facial skin with:

  • Potent antioxidants
  • Collagen-boosting peptides
  • Rejuvenating hyaluronic acid
  • Nutrient-dense hydration

The final step will rejuvenate the skin – leaving it soft, smooth, plump, free of fine lines, and detoxed.

The Recommended Frequency of Hydrafacial Treatments

The HydraFacial thoroughly cares for skin – offering refreshing, non-irritating, non-surgical, and instantly effective results. There are no hard-and-fast rules about how often HydraFacial treatments should be administered. It primarily depends on the needs of each client’s skin. Some clients pursue bi-weekly HydraFacials to optimize and sustain the benefits of a healthy facial glow; others prefer undergoing HydraFacial treatments once a month.

We provide expert recommendations to clients based on their skin type, budget, schedule, and skincare goals. An inarguable upside of HydraFacial treatments is how quick, easy, and transformative each session can be. Hydrafacials require zero recovery time or downtime. Clients will feel instantly rejuvenated, fresh, and cleansed, and this boost in appearance and self-esteem will keep them returning!

Why HydraFacial is a Smart Business Investment

A facial that effectively works on all skin types (from extremely dry skin to oilier skin) and offers immediate results is a rare win in the beauty industry. As a result, men and women across all demographics have sought Hydrafacial treatments.

They are particularly popular:

  • During the winter season, when dry skin is the norm
  • Before a wedding, birthday, and celebratory occasion
  • As a supplement to skincare routines

The Covery Wellness Spa is proud to be a leading provider of HydraFacial treatments in the health industry. We believe this novel treatment is so much more than a fad and have embraced its benefits with open arms.

Unlike rival companies, we combine HydraFacials with other cosmetic solutions to maximize health and beauty results. We offer a flexible franchising regimen, allowing franchisees the freedom to choose the services/therapies their spa will provide. Whatever you choose, you can expect nothing but success as our membership approach to health and beauty is an undeniable game-changer in the industry.

Call our team at (866) 992-9958 today to learn more about our robust franchise model!



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