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Why Wellness Spa Franchises Are Set for Future Success

Wellness Spa Franchises Are Set for Success in the Future – Why?

Though it’s hard to be certain about many things, at The Covery Wellness Spa, we are confident that wellness spa franchises are not only here to stay, but here to thrive. Of course, this belief is no mere guess – it’s based on our pulse on industry growth and carefully navigating trends instead of fads.

Currently, the U.S. stands with the largest market size in the health and wellness industry at $52.5 billion in value. This is projected to reach $80.64 billion by 2027.

Given the steady increase in demand for mental health resources and means for staying ahead of burnout, we are eager to see how the rest of 2022 goes. If there were ever a time to become a wellness spa franchisee it is right now!

Helping People Recover from the Stressors of Living

A Sense of Normalcy Brings Relief

We are excited to see that the global economy is slowly coming back around, demand is rising, and people are making personal health a real priority. We are honored to work in an industry where the service offerings help clients optimize their well-being and overall health to live their best lives.

Since our brand has world-class resources to support our services, The Covery Wellness Spa franchisees enjoy the benefits of:

  • Proven operations processes with an easy-to-follow model
  • Advanced systems that help you launch, advertise, and deliver excellent services
  • Customer retention through diverse offerings at competitive pricing
  • A national brokerage firm that ensures the best territory selections
  • Full training support for owners, managers, nurses, and sales team

A Change in Spending Habits, Especially for Millennials

As millennials grow to outnumber baby boomers, we have seen a difference in spending when it comes to experiences versus material items. In fact, “72% of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences than on material things”.

A large part of this shift is thought to be due to social media, since many millennials post their experiences to share online, and people are inherently competitive in nature.

Positive Shifts in Mindset About Personal Health

In a world where there is so much uncertainty and stress, it’s reassuring to have a community you can rely on. One where everyone genuinely cares about becoming the best version of themselves.

A huge part of the philosophy that guides our business model is that you cannot perform or function if you are not at your peak both physically and mentally. The two factors cannot exist without each other, and that is the truth for both our clients and employees. And when you focus on all aspects of health, you’re truly set for success.

Are you ready to join the wellness spa franchise industry and become a part of this growth surge with like-minded individuals?



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