What Services Can You Offer as a Wellness Spa Franchise Owner?

Everyone needs different things for their wellness, which is why our franchise owners offer a variety of customizable services in three categories: Wellness, Glow, and Restorative. These blend for a holistic experience for us to guide clients through a science-backed journey towards physical and mental improvement.

If you’re considering franchise ownership with The Covery Wellness Spa to bring wellness resources to your community, these are the services you might offer.

Wellness Services

Zerobody Dry Float

A sensory experience of dry floatation allows your body relief from external stimulation and let your mind open.

Red Light Therapy

Low-wavelength red light targets the powerhouse of your cells to repair skin and spark new cell growth.


A specialized infusion therapy, NAD+ activates your brain’s neurological functions to reduce internal inflammation and promote mental cognition.

IV Infusion

Bypassing the digestive tract, IV infusions give your body much-needed vitamins and nutrients with 100% absorption.


By transmitting invigorating energy throughout your body, the BioCharger revitalizes weakened cells, helping people recover stiff muscles and joints while stimulating the mind.



This is a cleansing, extracting, and hydrating treatment to nourish skin, providing immediate results.

Infrared Salt Sauna

Salt air within the sauna contains particles to reduce inflammation, improving respiratory conditions, while salt levels promote healthy cell activity.


Shape your body the way you want, with Cryoskin’s combination of temperature technology to slim, tone, and lift.

Body Contouring & Sculpting

Using an energy device to direct electromagnetic energy that contracts muscles at a higher rate, body contouring and sculpting reconstructs specific muscles in the body.


Balancer® Pro

A gentle compression therapy targets the lymphatic system to help the body remove toxins and process waste for a faster metabolism.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Also known as cold therapy, Cryotherapy freezes and destroys diseased tissues to increase white blood cell counts.

Hyperbaric Treatments

Delivering oxygen-rich plasma to your body tissues promotes collagen production to heal your skin.

PEMF Therapy

Also known as pulse therapy, PEMF uses magnetic energy waves to naturally influence your body for better circulation and recovery.


Using guided meditation to stimulate brain waves, Braintap helps you practice mindfulness, improve emotional stability and promote a sense of calm.

With a brand built to evolve, our wellness spa focuses on avoiding the need for self-care recovery. And don’t worry, even if you don’t have a background in health or medical, you can still be an ideal candidate to become an active owner-operator.



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